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Confused on where to start for binge eating recovery? Can't trust your hunger and fullness cues? Do you feel like binges are taking over your life and can't stop thinking about food 24/7?

Watch the pre-recorded webinar on what you need to know on what are the binge triggers to how to eat to help end binge urges!

"The webinar series was exactly what I needed! 3 months binge-free but at this point, who's counting?" - Chloe S.

Hi! I'm Jonathan Sumner, RD (Binge Dietitian). I've written and compiled everything I wish I knew when I struggled with binge eating years ago into an webinar I needed years ago!

Each chapter will be released daily with Chapter 1 being available straight to your email the moment you sign up to ensure the knowledge internalised properly

What you will learn:

Chapter 1: Awareness - What Causes Our Body to Binge Eat? (18 minutes)

Chapter 2: Knowledge - The 3 Reasons Why You're Still Binge Eating (14 minutes)

Chapter 3: Action - How This Eating Pattern Will Re-regulate Your Hunger (22 minutes)

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