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You Will Learn How to:

✅ Start the eating pattern to can help end 24/7 hunger & manage insatiable cravings (without cutting out any food)

✅ Easily stop eating when you're comfortably full (without relying on any willpower or motivation)

✅ Introduce your fear foods without cutting them out from your diet (and not binge eat on them)

✅ Think and focus 100% on anything else that isn't food (yes it's possible)

Trust your body's fullness and hunger cues (without fear of binge eating)

eBook Contents:
Chapter 1: Awareness - What Causes Our Body to Binge Eat?

Chapter 2: Knowledge - The 3 Binge Eating Triggers (And What to Do About It)

Chapter 3: Action - How This Eating Pattern Will Help Re-regulate Your Hunger (Without Cutting Out Foods You Love)

Written by Jonathan Sumner, the Binge Dietitian

If you ignore this opportunity, you might go back to:

😔Struggling with 24/7 hunger & feel like you're holding back insatiable cravings

😔Feeling you can't stop eating once you start no matter how much willpower you muster up?

😔 Feeling lonely and no one seems to understand your binge eating?

😔Feeling mentally burdened that food is the only thing on your mind 24/7?

😔Feeling like you simply just can't trust your body's fullness and hunger cues?

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